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Hybrid and pure electric powered vehicles have taken over the world by storm.


Hybrid vehicles(HEV) and pure electric vehicles (EV) have taken the world by storm with help of Governments all over the world, educating consumers on the benefits of owning an ECO friendly vehicle and enticing them with huge purchase rebates/subsidies when acquiring any of such vehicle(s).


With the knowledge of the benefits and numerous purchase rebates/subsidies, consumers are now swooping in for the purchasing of HEVs/EVs.


However, there is still one major consideration of owning one such vehicle, it is the long lasting performance / durability of the battery packs of the HEVs/EVs. Till date most of the batteries found in HEV & EV vehicles tend to have a high probability of battery performance deficiency over time, and when this happens; Cost of replacement and looking for the right technical expertise of battery replacement might be a chore to HEV & EV owners.

Knowing the above mentioned facts, Growth Dynamics and AR&D brings to HEV & EV owners a solution that has revolutionized the Eco Friendly vehicle industry – Proven, safe and cost effective:

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Growth Dynamics will provide you with the tools and materials needed to achieve success. The hands-on training you receive will make the difference between success and failure.

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4-5days training provided to well equip franchisee on the technical know how.

on-line and on-site technical support is also available.

Marketing support and advice.

Site renovation advisory.

SOPs Implementation.

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