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About AR&D

Automotive Research & Design (AR&D) was founded in 1987 as a technology company specializing in the development of Electric Vehicle (EV) and Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) propulsion systems. Their technical expertise has positioned AR&D as one of the first private training and consulting companies to offer EV/HEV education and training to the automotive aftermarket and educational industries.


The interest for EV and HEV propulsion systems experienced significant growth in the late 1990s, which prompted them to expand their training course offering, course materials, and even the creation of the Hybrid Battery conditioning technology.

Hybrid Battery Conditioning!

Cost effectiveness!

Replacement of a single Hybrid Vehicle battery pack can prove to cost up to many thousands of dollars. However with our Battery conditioning technology, HEV & EV vehicle only have to invest a fraction of the cost as compared to battery pack change which may cost up to USD$10,000.00.

ECO Friendly

The main reason for consumers to purchase hybrid vehicles because they want to have a positive impact on the environment. However many of today’s aged hybrid batteries are just being wastefully disposed. Hybrid Battery conditioning with Optima Werkz allows you to effectively conditioned the battery as many times as needed, giving hybrid batteries a lifespan that can outlast the cars themselves.

Battery Diagnostic & conditioning process

Proven, Safe and Cost Effective

Step 1: Power Test

To test if sufficient electric power from battery pack can be delivered to drive motor.

Step 2: Energy Test

To identify true state of charge to locate any weak battery cells/modules Test analyse how much energy each module is able to store, which in turn determines how long can the vehicle operates in electric mode, how much torque can be produce and Etc… from this battery pack.

Step 3: Comparing Test Results and Conditioning process

After Test results are acquired and being compared with the original specs of the batteries, specific settings are to be input to our system and the faulty battery pack will be put through CONDITIONING process of, CHARGING and DISCHARGING; This is what we call cycling. Normally after a few rounds of cycling, the battery pack will be restored up to 95% of it’s original performance.

Step 4: Rebuilding Process with Donors

In the rare event where the REBUILDING process is unable to bring up the performance level of the faulty battery pack; A donor is then required to be used as a replacement for the faulty modules. As the hybrid battery pack is a rather sensitive item, a careful selection of the right donor is required.

Completion of Hybrid battery conditioning process

Once the process is done, conditioned battery pack(s) is/are ready for collection.

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